Monday, February 2, 2009

Eggplant Tasting Club

The first annual meeting of the Dahl Metters Eggplant Tasting Club was held on January 20, 2009 to general acclaim from all participants, including Dahl. Dahl has always maintained that while he does not hate eggplant, he likes everything else more. George Arnold, a good friend who happens to be on Dahl's team at work and loves to cook, and I decided we needed to do something to expand Dahl's culinary horizons and came up with the club.

Dahl is shown here throwing caution to the wind and leading by example!

George did most of the work in putting this event together, coming up with a location, printing signs and neat eggplant handouts, and preparing two wonderful dishes -- eggplant lasgna and eggplant rollups. Many thanks to the other participants who contributed dishes as well: Anusha brought an eggplant curry and Chandra and Diwakar brought delicious eggplant puffs which we should have cut in half so everyone would have had the chance to try them. I brought Baba Ghanouj, described in my previous post.

Inspired by Dahl's courage, even the most culinarily faint-hearted lept into the fray...

And the moment of truth!

Everyone had a great time. Dahl, who confided to me he hadn't eaten eggplant for decades, went back for seconds! George and I plan to make sure Dahl won't have to wait decades to enjoy delicious eggplant cuisine again. We're already planning the second annual meeting of the Dahl Metters Eggplant Tasting Club in January 2010.

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