Saturday, January 5, 2008

Thank you, Susan and Rob!

Our new year resolution to visit with friends more often got off to a terrific start when we spent Wednesday evening with Susan and Rob Esson. Rob volunteered to cook an Indian dinner and made sure that all of the dishes except one (Nepalese fish) was vegetarian so that Elly could enjoy them. He cooked Aloo Gobi, dahl, eggs cooked over a delicious base of I’m not sure what, rice, the aforementioned fish, and a Rob speciality — exploding aubergine curry. Susan provided a tasty fruit crumble for desert. Elly and I supplied the wine.

Rob even braved the frigid conditions to cook the fish on their outdoor grill, putting on a fiery, pyrotechnic display with his wok.

Susan, Elly, Rob, and myself at the dinner table.

Susan, we learned, has illustrated a children’s book, One Heart with Two Homes, that will be available on Amazon January 8. Congratulations, Susan!

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