Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Basie At Last

Last week Susanna decided which puppy would come home with us. We were so pleased with her choice. Sunday was our first visit when we knew for sure which puppy is Basie. He is on the right in this picture with one of his brothers. Sunday was also the first time we got to go outside with the puppies. And Basie is coming home this Friday -- one do sooner than we had expected.

This is a picture of the whole family. We worked hard for this! :-) In fact, we got a whole series of pictures before the final success. All of those pictures, plus more of the puppies (especially Basie) can be viewed in our first Basie Picasa album.

Here is one more picture of Basie with his (very happy) new Mom.


Lori said...

You got the perfect puppy. He could not be cuter. His face is beautiful (looks like it has a darker shade to it). And his legs and paws are very sturdy(read big). I hope you have a good supply of tennis balls ready. Two more days...
Did you happen to hear anything about Zena's progress? She should be due in a week or so. I hope we have the good luck you seem to have had!
Best Wishes,

david said...

Hey Fiske,

Almira saw your new puppy and all the pictures and now she really wants to come visit you and Elly. She is asking for an invite so she can bring over some gifts for the new addition to the Miles household. Hope all is well with the both of you.

Fiske said...


Zena is looking big. :-) And She seems to be doing fine. Basie does have a darker head and face. His skin is looser too, which gives him a little bit of a wrinkle head and makes him look like a worrier. We just love it! He does have nice big paws.

Please keep us posted on Zena's litter. I'll be posting progress reports on Basie. Got a lot of things to do today to get ready.


Fiske said...


We would love for you and Almira to visit. I'll chat with Elly this evening, and we'll come up with a date that is good for all of us.

Thanks so much for thinking of us.