Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Puppy Pictures

Elly and I got to visit Emma and her puppies for the first time last Sunday. We spent time with the three yellow males in the litter -- ten puppies altogether. And, of course, with Emma too.

While we were with the three yellow boys, Emma stayed in the puppy enclosure. But she got to come out and visit us before we left, and we gave her a new collar with a heart tag enscribed "Emma: World's Greatest Mom."

Here is one of the three boys. They are all handsome, but Elly picked a favorite almost immediately.

It's a tough decision, though. Which one, which one?

We will be visiting practically every weekend until our new puppy comes home with us on Saturday, February 7.


Lori said...

Hi Fiske,
Could those puppies be any cuter?? I am trying not to be jealous. Actually, I am very happy for you. If that is your wife holding the puppies, she looks pretty content.
How are you approaching the naming of your puppy? I have always wondered how others do it. You seem like a thoughtful person. I am betting you have put in some time on the name.
Thanks for posting pictures.

Fiske said...


No. I don't think they could be any cuter. And yes, that is Elly, and she is extremely content.

Elly is in charge of naming. She has a knack for it. Our new puppy's name is Basie. His father was Bing. We love Bing Crosby, and he performed with Count Basie, who is a jazz musician who frequently played in Kansas City. Our niece actually came up with the name when she and Elly were working through ideas. We have been watching Bing Crosby movies, but didn't come up with any great names from those.

You will be just as pleased as we are when your puppy arrives.


Kim said...

Awww.. how adorable! The fun will officially begin Feb 7..I look forward to reading the puppy updates! :-) I got my Boxer puppy September 2008 and my home has been nothing less than comedy central. They are so much fun!